Fresh Gear

A Canadian Industrial Ozone Machine Manufacturer

Fresh Gear sanitizes PPE naturally, with the power of ozone. Proven sanitizing technology used by government agencies across the USA and Canada.


Who, what, where, when and why.

Fresh Gear started in 2005 as an idea that developed into a proof of concept in the family garage of a home in Windsor, Ontario.

The goal was to find a method to disinfect and deodorize hockey gear by killing the bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens that caused the stench.

Of even greater importance was to address the increasing number of antibiotic-resistant infections within the sports community, like MRSA and c.difficile, that were emerging and leading to an alarming increase in serious injuries and deaths.

Developed in Canada, and made in the USA, Fresh Gear ozone technology is here to address the ever-present need to eradicate known pathogen foes and the threat posed by newly emerging ones.

The Challenge

They wanted a new website that:

Responsive on any device.

Consistent with their brand and values.

Integrates a locations map.

Makes it easy to post blogs.

Prioritizes UX and loads fast.

Highlights their partnership opportunities.

The Process

Here’s the process I followed for this project:

Initial Consultation

Review Current Site


Website Rebuild


QA & Testing

The Results

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