Import Temptations

A furniture retailer in Toronto

Import Temptations features the finest luxury furniture in Toronto and home décor from the most exclusive Artisans around the world.


Who, what, where, when and why.

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Family owned and operated since 1985, Import Temptations began its climb to success as a small wholesale company and growing quickly into an established and well respected luxury furnishing and interior design business.

Lili Khalilnia, founder and president of the company attended one of the finest interior design schools in Italy where she developed her passion for the best in Italian style, furniture and design.

Joined by her husband Frank Khalilnia, Import Temptation’s growth in the industry of furniture, giftware, and distinct design of mirrors, has gained the definitive image of being the very best in all aspects of consumer vision and fortifying strong relations. Frank uses his fluency in 5 languages to ensure strong and reliable relationships with international suppliers.

The Challenge

They wanted a new website that:

Get access to their current website from previous developer.

Responsive on any device.

Consistent with their brand and values.

Makes it easy to post new content.

Fixing performance issues.

Highlights their beautiful imagery.

The Process

Here’s the process I followed for this project:

Initial Consultation

Review Current Site


Website Rebuild


QA & Testing

The Results

How does the client feel about it?