Memories Wedding Barn

A unique wedding and special event barn venue in Indiana

Memories Wedding Barn is a family-run and operated wedding and event venue that specializes in making memories that last a lifetime. 


Who, what, where, when and why.

Karry has been creating memories her entire life. She has 3 beautiful children and just recently welcomed her first grandchild!

Her mantra in life has always been creating memories. Whether it’s travelling around the country, sitting by a fire with her kids, or helping her guests create the most memorable events they can.

She believes that memories are the most valuable asset a person can have and she looks forward to helping create wonderful memories with many more people.

The Challenge

They wanted a new website that:


on any device.


with their brand and values.


their high-quality images.

Makes it easy

to post news updates.

Prioritizes UX

and loads fast.


for local SEO.

The Process

Here’s the process I followed for this project:

Initial Consultation

Review Current Site


Website Rebuild


QA & Testing

The Results

How does the client feel about it?

"Reasonably priced and Patrick did an amazing job creating a beautiful and easy to use website for us. Great response time and turnaround time too!"
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Memories Wedding Barn
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