Sure Mechanical Solutions

A Kelowna, BC plumber and HVAC contractor

Sure Mechanical Solutions is a local plumbing and heating company that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. They love working with new plumbing and HVAC technologies and eco-friendly solutions and are always happy cater to the needs of their clients.
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Who, what, where, when and why.

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Robert Steinborn has 23 years of experience in the Plumbing and HVAC industry. We has worked on many LEED-certified projects both residential and commercial.

He prides himself on making plumbing and HVAC systems as beautiful as they can be. Concentrating on being symmetrical and clean. The mechanical room should be as neat and well-ordered as the rest of your home.

Robert loves to keep up with the latest in HVAC and Plumbing technology. Striving to make your home better and more efficient is his passion.

The Challenge

They wanted a new website that:

Responsive on any device.

Consistent with their brand and values.

Integrates high quality imagery.

Includes functional background video.

Prioritizes UX and loads fast.

Easy to edit themselves.

The Process

Here’s the process I followed for this project:

Initial Consultation

Review Current Site


Website Rebuild


QA & Testing

The Results

How does the client feel about it?