Affordable Custom Blog Design

It's time to start that blog you've always wanted. 💻

Building a beautiful custom blog has been too complicated for too long. We’ve made it crazy-simple. Also affordable. (And dare we say fun?)

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6 legit reasons to choose our custom blog design services.


Own Your Blog

Make changes to your blog page whenever you need to. Not whenever your web developer gets around to it.


More time for blogging

There’s a lot more to blogging than writing and editing. But you won’t know that, because we’ll take care of it all.


Get more blog readers

Blogging is a key piece of great SEO. We know how to make sure Google loves your blog.


A blog for every device

More people are reading from their phones than ever before. We build responsive blogs that look great everywhere.


Get your blog running fast

Days? Weeks? Months? Nah. We can have your blog up and running in hours. Not even kidding.


Affordable blog design

You can get yourself a beautiful, custom blog for as little as $499. Then $39/month to keep it running smoother than a baby’s bottom.

The Huffington Post logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.
The Fit Small Business logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.
The Buffers logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.
The Entrepreneur logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.
The Upwork logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.
The Business Insider logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.

Word on our WordPress blog design has got around.

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Hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

(Sorry Alex 😬)

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You'll never have to wonder how your blog is performing. 😻

Our powerful Rapid Launch Package includes monthly reports that will detail how your website is performing. Things like:

  • Traffic analytics
  • Loading speed
  • Updates
  • Backups
  • Security attacks thwarted
  • Website Uptime

The people have spoken.

Our blog design process.

#1 Fill out the rapid blog design quote form 📱

It takes less than 60 seconds and you’ll get a rapid quote for your hot new WordPress blog.

#2 Make your 50% deposit 💰

We ask for a 50% deposit to get the project started. The remaining 50% can be paid when your blog is ready to be launched.

#3 Send over your content 💌

By far the most common struggle for new bloggers is coming up with content to fill their website with. We make this absolutely painless with a handy tool that walks you through every step of the process.

#4 Receive a first draft of the home page 📝

This is where things get exciting! Based on the content you’ve sent us, we’ll create a first draft of your blog’s home page and send it to you for approval.

#5 We continue building out the rest of your blog 👨🏻‍💻

Once you’ve approved the look and feel of the home page, we’ll continue building out the rest of your blog, regularly returning to you for feedback and direction.

#6 Review, testing and quality assurance 🧪

We’re almost there! At this point we’ll ping-pong back and forth tweaking, revising, suggesting and testing your new blog.

#7 Launch the blog! (and final QA) 🚀

We’re ready to launch! We’ll take care of all the domain, hosting, DNS, CDN, TMI, and ABC’s to get your new blog launched and firing on all cylinders.

Still not convinced?

Makes sense.

There’s a decent chance you’ve been burned before by a blog designer who promised the world and delivered… well… not that. We built this entire product to ensure this never happens to you again. Will it succeed 100% of the time? No. Nothing does. Will it solve the vast majority of your blogging problems at an incredible value you won’t find anywhere else? Absolutely.

Let's fix that.

We are committed to honesty and transparency. There are no contracts, no hidden fees, no beating around the bush. You need help? We’re here for you. You want answers? We’ve got them. If we don’t, we’ll let you know and do our best to help anyway. This is our commitment to you.

Building a WordPress blog shouldn't cost thousands.

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NO contracts.

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NO hidden fees.

Custom Blog Cat loves you

Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Rapid Blog Launch Package

$ 95
  • High performance blog hosting
  • Edit your blog INSTANTLY from anywhere
  • 1-on-1 customer support
  • SSL certificate included
  • Premium blog protection from attacks
  • Monitor all traffic with analytics
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • Monthly activity reports
  • BONUS: Licenses for Premium Plugins ($335 value!)
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Frequently Asked Questions

And our most frequent answers.

Blog design pricing can vary so insanely wildly that getting quotes from web designers might leave you feeling like you just walked out of a category 5 tornado.

A simple, 5-page blog can cost anywhere from $200 to $10,000. No joke.

We think this is crazy. We’ve done our best to simplify this process for you by providing rapid quotes in as little as a few hours.

You can decide exactly what features you need in your blog and get a clearer picture of where you are getting the most value.

And you’ll get an instant quote without the excruciating back and forth email convo that goes on for days.

There’s no contract. No minimum commitments. No handcuffs.

We want you to love our services so much that you wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

We believe we offer one of the best values in the industry. Which is why, after 5 years in business and hundreds of clients, we can use one hand to count the amount of clients that have left us.

Try us out and see for yourself!

Our Rapid Launch blog hosting and maintenance package includes:

  • High-performance hosting on our ultra-fast server
  • Domain registration and maintenance (if you need it)
  • The ability to edit your own website whenever you want
  • SSL certificate included (you need one of these)
  • Premium protection from bot hacks and spam attacks
  • Monitor all traffic with analytics
  • Unlimited bandwidth (no caps on how many visitors you can receive)
  • Unlimited storage (no limits on how many files you can upload)
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • VIP 1-on-1 customer support (via email or text)
  • Monthly activity reports via email


It’s pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Every website on the internet needs a home to live in. Blogs are no exception.

A big reason we’re able to offer our custom design services at such an affordable rate is because we make up our initial loss over time with our monthly hosting and blog maintenance package.

In return, you get a premium managed hosting service with 1:1 VIP support.

We’ll build a WordPress blog for you.

WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world, by far. And when it comes to blogging specifically, WordPress is lightyears ahead of the competition.

Absolutely. You always retain all ownership rights to your blog and all content contained within.

It’s a big reason why we use WordPress to build all of our blogs. If you decide one day that you simply can’t stand our sense of humor anymore, we can help you move to another blogger platform or blog host.

Short answer: Yes!

Your blog is your own and, if you’re going to be blogging regularly, you’ll need to be very comfortable using WordPress.

We’ll be here for the support when you need it.

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