19 Business-Booming Examples of B2B Websites

A collage of people working on their B2B websites.

B2B website design. It instantly sounds like a snore-fest, I know… 💤

Because building a website for wholesale and business transactions is very different from building one for consumers. (Otherwise known as B2C.)

When designing a website for a businesstobusiness (B2B) company, there are fundamental principles to keep in mind.

The site needs an intuitive “flow,” and important information must be easy to find. Especially since B2B sites tend to be MUCH larger than B2C sites.

I’ve rounded up some of the most effective B2B website designs to show what can be accomplished with a well-thought-out plan.

From intuitive navigation to healthy site architecture, these examples demonstrate why good B2B website design is essential for any business.

You’ll recognize a lot of them.

Let‘s take a closer look! 👀

19 Inspiring Examples of B2B Websites

Fibre 2 Fashion

A screenshot of Fibre Fashion B2B website.


A screenshot of Aliexpress B2B website.


A screenshot of ECVV B2B website.

Trade India

A screenshot of Trade India B2B website.

Hi Factory

A screenshot of HiFactory B2B website.

DIY Trade

A screenshot of DIY Trade B2B website.

Trade Easy

A screenshot of Trade Easy B2B website.


A screenshot of Thomasnet B2B website.


A screenshot of Kinnek B2B website.


A screenshot of B2 Brazil B2B website.

Santander Trade

A screenshot of Santander B2B website.

fashion TIY


A screenshot of eBay B2B website.

approved business

A screenshot of Approved Business B2B website.

find the needle

A screenshot of Find the Needle B2B website.

makers row

A screenshot of Makers Row B2B website.

wholesale central

A screenshot of Wholesale Central B2B website.


A screenshot of Toggar B2B website.


The above examples of B2B website design demonstrate that great design can be achieved even in a complex business environment.

Through thoughtful design and clear navigation, B2B websites can build customer trust, showcase the company’s products, and increase sales.

Your B2B website can be a powerful tool to hockey stick growth. 🏒

I hope you found these B2B website examples inspiring!

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