28 DNA-Altering Examples of Biotech Websites

The world of biotechnology continues to grow and evolve. ūüß™¬†

It’s essential to have a website that can keep up with the changes.

A great website design can help you stay ahead of the competition and prove to your visitors that you are ahead of the curve.

We‘ll explore some of the best examples of biotech website design, and how you can use them as a starting point to create your own unique website.

Let’s get to sciencing!

28 Inspiring Biotech Website Examples


A screenshot of Amgen biotech website.

Thera Technologies

A screenshot of Thera Technologies biotech website.

Ultra Genyx

A screenshot of Ultra Genyx biotech website.

Fast genetics


A screenshot of CCRM biotech website.


A screenshot of Repare biotech website.

Applied Bio Code

A screenshot of Applied Biocode biotech website.

Micro Bix

A screenshot of Micro Bix biotech website.

Bio-K Plus

A screenshot of Bio-K Plus biotech website.

Touch Light

A screenshot of Touchlight biotech website.

Premier Research

A screenshot of Premier Research biotech website.

Metrion Biosciences

A screenshot of Metrion biotech website.


A screenshot of Selvita biotech website.


A screenshot of Amsbio biotech website.

immuno core

A screenshot of Immunocore biotech website.

absolute antibody

A screenshot of Absolute Anitbody biotech website.


A screenshot of Angiodynamics biotech website.

allergy therapeutics

A screenshot of Allergy Therapeutics website.

malvern panalytical

A screenshot of Malvern Panalytical website.


A screenshot of Yemaachi biotech website.

bio tech africa

A screenshot of Biotech Africa biotech website.


A screenshot of Novavax biotech website.


A screenshot of Curevac biotech website.

intellia Therapeutics

A screenshot of Intellia biotech website.

blueprint medicines

A screenshot of Blueprint biotech website.

zai laboratory

A screenshot of Zai Lab biotech website.

mirati Therapeutics

A screenshot of Mirati biotech website.

fate therapeutics

A screenshot of Fate Therapeutics biotech website.


A successful biotech website design should be visually appealing, provide quick and easy access to important information, and instill confidence in your visitors.

The examples¬†we’ve looked at¬†today show that these goals can be achieved in¬†various¬†ways.

From bold visuals¬†to engaging content and innovative layouts, these websites demonstrate the power of modern web design to create effective and attractive sites that can showcase a¬†biotech company’s vision and capabilities.

With the right design strategy, you can create a website that will help your biotech business stand out and attract the attention of potential customers!

More Website Examples to Inspire You

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