28 Mouth-Watering Examples of Catering Websites

When it comes to catering websites, it’s all about the food.

Big, powerful, juicy images of succulent entrees and craving-inducing desserts should be the primary focus.

And if you’re looking for a great way to showcase your catering services to hungry clients, having a well-designed website is an absolute must.

A great catering website will have an attractive and easytonavigate layout and be a powerful marketing tool that attracts visitors, keeps them and turns them into customers. 

In this blog post, we‘ll take a look at some of the best examples of catering websites out there and explore the key elements that make them so successful.

Bon appetit!

28 Inspiring Catering Website Examples

of Food Catering

Screenshot of Of Food catering website.

Happy Catering

Screenshot of The Happy Catering Company catering website.

Eat & Smile Catering

Screenshot of Eat and Smile catering website.

Leading Caterers of America

Screenshot of Leading Cater catering website.

Time To Cater

Screenshot of Time to Cater catering website.

Corporate Caterers

Screenshot of Corporate Caterers catering website.

ICS catering

Screenshot of ICS Catering catering website.

Reef Caterers

Screenshot of Reef Caterers catering website.


Screenshot of Fedics catering website.


Screenshot of Hampr catering website.

Tuscan Excelsia

Screenshot of Tuscan Excelsia catering website.

Salza Catering

Screenshot of Salza catering website.

Tasty African Food

Screenshot of Tasty catering website.

Flavours Catering + Events

Screenshot of Flavours catering website.

Devour it catering

Screenshot of Devour It catering website.

cater now

Screenshot of Caternow catering website.

Lazeez catering

Screenshot of Lazeez catering website.

bouffage hospitality

Screenshot of Boufagge catering website.

blast catering

Screenshot of Blast Catering catering website.

Dish Catering

Screenshot of Dish Catering catering website.

Royal Fig catering

Screenshot of Royal Fig catering website.

Lux catering & events

Screenshot of Lux catering website.

the abbey catering

Screenshot of Abbey catering website.

catering st Louis

Screenshot of Catering St Louis catering website.

Napa catering Company

Screenshot of Napa Catering Company catering website.

Jays Catering

Screenshot of Jays Catering catering website.


Screenshot of Zerocater catering website.

Santa cruz catering company

Screenshot of Santa Cruz Catering Company catering website.


These websites are great examples of how a catering business can create a mouth-watering website.

With the right combination of visuals, messaging, and bacon, I mean… functionality, catering websites can entice and capture customers.

By crafting an engaging website, caterers can boost their reach, get more customers and grow their business.

I hope you found these inspiring!

More Website Examples to Inspire You

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