25 Motivating Examples of Nonprofit Websites

Are you tired of scrolling through bland nonprofit websites that fail to capture your attention or inspire you to get involved? 🥱

A beautiful nonprofit website design can be a powerful tool for captivating and motivating visitors to take action in support of a worthy cause.

That’s why I’ve scoured the web to bring you some of the most impressive examples of nonprofit website design that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to make a difference.

From sleek and modern layouts to vibrant and interactive features, these websites demonstrate how design can bring an organization’s mission to life.

As we analyze the elements that make these websites so effective, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to craft a website that engages your audience and motivates them to take action.

You might notice an Aussie flair to this one… 🦘

25 Inspiring Examples of Nonprofit Websites

Sankara Eye Foundation

A screenshot of the Sankara Eye Foundation nonprofit website.

concord California

A screenshot of the Concord California nonprofit website.

Center for Nonprofit Management

A screenshot of the Center for Nonprofit nonprofit website.

county of monterey

A screenshot of the County of Monterey nonprofit website.


A screenshot of the ICNL nonprofit website.


A screenshot of the Spark nonprofit website.


A screenshot of the Exult nonprofit website.

volunteer match

A screenshot of the Volunteer Match nonprofit website.

fistula foundation

A screenshot of the Fistula Foundation nonprofit website.

non-profit housing Northern California

A screenshot of the Non-Profit Housing Northern California nonprofit website.

inland Revenue

A screenshot of the Inland Revenue nonprofit website.


A screenshot of the MAPS nonprofit website.

red rover

A screenshot of the Red Rover nonprofit website.

iris global

A screenshot of the Iris Global nonprofit website.

australian Government

A screenshot of the Australian Government nonprofit website.

Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit

A screenshot of the Australian Charities nonprofit website.

we spark

A screenshot of the We Spark nonprofit website.

global giving

A screenshot of the Global Giving nonprofit website.

philanthropy Australia

A screenshot of the Philanthropy Australia nonprofit website.

grad australia

A screenshot of the Grad Australia nonprofit website.

cPA australia

A screenshot of the CPA Australia nonprofit website.

Candid guide star

A screenshot of the Candid Guide Star nonprofit website.

african road

A screenshot of the African Road nonprofit website.

asante africa

A screenshot of the Asante Africa nonprofit website.

united way atlanta

A screenshot of the United Way Atlanta nonprofit website.


A great nonprofit website design can make all the difference in communicating an organization’s mission and inspiring visitors to get involved.

We’ve seen that persuasive design requires more than just aesthetics. It must engage the emotions and imagination of the audience. And integrate stellar nonprofit SEO practices.

By incorporating elements such as clear messaging, impactful visuals, and interactive features, nonprofits can create a website that not only informs but also motivates visitors to take action in support of their cause.

By implementing the lessons learned here, you can create a website that truly represents your organization’s values and mission, and ultimately drives positive change in the world.

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