9 Examples of Fantastic Website Design For Photographers

If you’re trying to build your own website for your photography business, remember this:

It’s all about your photos.

It’s amazing how many photographers forget this simple, but crucial, fact when building their photography website. I’d even go as far as to say that any type of website will only look as good as the images that are used to build it.

And that’s because images and videos take up about 90% of space in today’s web design standards. Nobody wants to read your boring “About Me” page, but they will probably love your 60-second video showing what you’re all about.

Thankfully, these 9 photography websites get this. They proudly and prominently place their photos and videos at the forefront of their website design.

9 Awesome Photography Website Design Examples

Kevin Smuts

Robbert Frank Hagens

Adams Studios Photography

Get Noticed Media

Photo Republik

Magic and Light Collection

Wild Love Photography

Sarah Venema Photography

Leo Edwards Photography


You can make some pretty great websites using Weebly, and that includes photography websites.

After checking out these examples of great photography web design, aren’t you inspired to build your own?

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