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Experience top-tier digital creativity with our Lincoln Web Design services, renowned for delivering unique, engaging, and user-centric websites. We transform your brand’s web presence by combining the latest technology with innovative design strategies that align with your business’ vision and objectives.

Our Lincoln Web Design services have been featured in:

The Entrepreneur logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.
The Huffington Post logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.
The Fit Small Business logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.
The Buffers logo, a website that featured our fast and affordable web design and SEO services.
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6 Legit Reasons to Choose Our Lincoln Web Design Services

Own Your Site

Experience the joy of having full command over your own unique website, crafted to mirror the essence of your business. We ensure complete ownership rights to you, enabling an unlimited scope for future growth, modifications and individuality for your SMB in Lincoln, Nebraska.

VIP Treatment

Get ready to feel like a star with our VIP Lincoln Web Design services that are specially tailored for your business in Lincoln, Nebraska! You’ll experience premier care, top-notch website design, and a team dedicated to shining the spotlight on your unique brand.


Like masterful tech wizards, our team creates websites in Lincoln that skyrocket your online presence, with a powerful secret ingredient called SEO. Every pixel we craft and code we write is driven by our relentless passion for pushing your business to top spots in search results!

100% Responsive

Imagine having a website that looks great and works flawlessly whether you’re using a computer, a tablet, or even your phone. That’s exactly what you get with our web design – 100% responsive sites that adapt seamlessly to any device, ensuring your business shines online no matter how your customers are connecting with you.

FAST (Seriously)

Picture a lightning bolt swooping across the wide Nebraska sky – that’s how fast our websites load! Don’t let a slow webpage hold you back; step into the speed zone where every click leads to instant results.


Creating a stunning website doesn’t need to empty your pockets! Our web design services are budget-friendly, meaning you can get an amazing website without breaking the bank.

I am so impressed with the service, professionalism, and quality that Patrick and his team at RapidWebLaunch deliver! Within a day-and-a-half from my first contact they had me up and running with a professional website. Patrick was great to work with – responsive and patient. I am overwhelmed with customer satisfaction!

Hey, while we're at it, why don't we make that 🖐✌️ reasons...

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Real-Life Web Design Case Study: Turning a $6,000 Website Disaster Into a $1,000 Success

Import Temptations is a luxury furniture retailer in Toronto, Canada. In March 2020, as the world went into lockdown, they came to us with a dilemma.

They had just hired a top web design agency in Toronto to rebuild their website, and it was a disaster.

Sure, it looked pretty. But it was heavy, slow, disfunctional and straight-up broken. Many of the pages on the site simply would not load.

Oh, and they had just dropped a cool $6,000 on this project.

With the web design agency offering nothing more than denial, finger-pointing and confusing explanations, they turned to other web designers for help.

And that’s when they found us.

Long story short, we fixed everything for a fraction of the price. $1,000 even.

Here’s their website’s performance before and after we took over:

Before RapidWebLaunch
After RapidWebLaunch

We've Been Doing Game-Changing Lincoln Web Design for Awhile.

Always know exactly how your website in Lincoln, Nebraska is performing.

Keep your website in top-notch shape with our monthly maintenance reports – a proud feature of our Lincoln Web Design Services. We believe in constant care to ensure your digital presence never fades.

Keeping an eye on your website’s health is as essential as going for your quarterly health check-ups. Just like you wouldn’t want to slack off on regular check-ups, your website too demands consistent nurturing – and we, at Lincoln Web Design Agency, offer just that.

From website speed to optimization issues, our monthly maintenance reports offer thorough insights into your website’s performance. You’ll be kept in the loop about the tiniest glitch that could hinder the performance of your digital face.

Remember, being ‘local’ isn’t just about location – it’s about connection. And we’re here to strengthen that digital connection for all SMBs in Lincoln!

"Hiring [RapidWebLaunch] to build my website for me changed the trajectory of my life forever. Patrick is an unbelievably good human being."
Alex Felice
Real Estate Entrepreneur
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Why pay too much for Lincoln Web Design?

We build affordable custom websites for small businesses in Lincoln, Nebraska. Fast. Modify it whenever and wherever you like.
no web design contracts

NO contracts.

NO hidden fees.

satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Rapid Launch Package

A website hosting and maintenance plan that give you everything
you'll ever need for a killer online presence.
$ 49
  • High-performance website hosting
  • Regular updates (plugins, Wordpress and server)
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • Edit your website instantly from anywhere
  • Domain registration and maintenance
  • SSL certificate included
  • Premium website security and protection from attacks
  • Monitor all traffic with analytics
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • NO contracts
  • NO hidden fees
  • VIP customer support
  • Monthly activity reports sent to your email
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • BONUS: Licenses to premium plugins ($335/year value!)

Still not convinced?

At our Lincoln Web Design Agency, we’re as straightforward as a cornhusker’s handshake. We don’t believe in fancy-pants contracts that only lawyers understand. Nope. Not how we roll.

Our dealings are as clear as a cloudless Nebraskan sky and as honest as an old country tune. And about those hidden fees? You’d sooner find a hill in this place than one of those slippery guys.

Instead of prancing around like a high school dance, we cut right to the chase – web design, plain and simple. Leave that jargon to the big city folk.

So, why not mosey on over and see how simple, transparent, and refreshingly Nebraska web design can be?

Frequently asked questions about Lincoln Web Design

And our most frequent answers. 😉

Lincoln Web Design typically offers a smorgasbord of services for your online needs. This includes website design and development for that fancy schmancy site you’ve always wanted, search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure you’re not lost in the interwebs, and social media marketing for when you want to be the next viral sensation. They also offer eCommerce solutions, because who doesn’t like to bring in the dough? And don’t worry, they promise to turn tech talk into plain English, and they may even slip in a corn reference for all you Lincoln locals!

On average, website design in Lincoln can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, depending heavily on the specifics such as website complexity, number of pages, and special features required. However, it’s essential to remember that this is an investment. A well-designed and well-optimized site can significantly impact your business, potentially bringing in more clients and improving your online presence. Be sure to consider all factors before making your final decision.

Investing in professional web design services in Lincoln has many benefits. It ensures that your website is uniquely designed to reflect your business and the local community’s style. Web design professionals can optimize your site for speed and performance, important in today’s digital age. Furthermore, they are experienced in SEO practices, allowing your website to rank well in local search results. This ensures more people in Lincoln find your business. Additionally, they can make your website mobile-friendly, a necessity considering the high smartphone usage. Professional web design, therefore, provides strategic advantage in the Lincoln digital marketplace.

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