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Quick-hit guides to answer your web design questions

We wrote some web design eBooks to help you navigate the confusing world of website design. Oh, and they’re 100% free. You don’t even need to give us your email.

Find out if your website is 💩

Get your FREE copy of the Ultimate Website Evaluation Guide and stop settling for a crappy website!

Website Audit

Learn what is (and isn't) working with your website

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Get a free website audit of everything wrong, and right, with your website.

Free website audits for small businesses

“More valuable than any online course or book I could have bought.”

Patrick Aldrich, Aspiring Web Designer

Know exactly how much your new website will cost in under 30 seconds

Web design pricing is confusing. And it shouldn’t be. We’ve built a website design calculator that will pump out a quote for you in under 30 seconds. Choose exactly what you want, and leave the fluff out.

Instant website design calculator

Choose precisely what you want and leave the fluff out. Know exactly what you’re paying for.


A web design blog that gets straight to the point

Getting your business online shouldn’t be so stinkin’ expensive. (and complicated!) This blog helps you get your small business online fast and affordably. Simple as that.

web design blog

This blog built our web design business

No joke. Give it a try.


Not one for reading? Listen instead!

Listen to the Launchers podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Listen on your commute, at the gym, while doing chores or on the toilet. (no judgements)

web design podcast

Listen to the Launchers web design podcast

You won’t find any fluff here. Just hard-hitting, actionable insights that you can use right away.


Don't like reading OR listening? Go ahead and watch

We have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. But it sure is great for marketing your business.

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Watch the RapidWebLaunch YouTube channel

We’re giving you options here!