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Experience innovative, responsive and user-friendly web design with Peterborough’s top-rated service. Our creative team ensures your online presence is stunning, effective, and optimized for maximum engagement and conversions.

Our Peterborough Web Design services have been featured in:

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6 Legit Reasons to Choose Our Peterborough Web Design Services

Own Your Site

Experience complete control of your digital presence with our Peterborough Web Design services. We ensure that every customer becomes a proud owner of their online platform, shaping your website to match your vision and making modifications as you see fit.

VIP Treatment

Imagine stepping into a world where your web design needs are not only met, but exceeded with VIP treatment. In Peterborough, you’ll get just that, with unrivaled attention to detail and swift, personalized services tailored specifically to your business.


Get ready, Peterborough SMBs, your search for a top-notch web design service ends here! With an absolute obsession for crafting SEO-focused websites, we pour our heart and soul into making sure your business shines brightly on the internet.

100% Responsive

Imagine your website adjusting perfectly to fit every screen size, from your computer to your smartphone. That’s what you get with our 100% responsive web design, delivering a seamless online experience for your customers, anywhere, anytime.

FAST (Seriously)

Your website will zip along at lightning speed when you choose Peterborough Web Design services. Remarkable loading speeds will keep your customers engaged and glued to every page like a thrilling, page-turning novel!


Getting a top-notch website in Peterborough doesn’t have to break the bank. Experience affordable prices that cater perfectly to small- and medium-sized businesses, without compromising on quality or style.

I am so impressed with the service, professionalism, and quality that Patrick and his team at RapidWebLaunch deliver! Within a day-and-a-half from my first contact they had me up and running with a professional website. Patrick was great to work with – responsive and patient. I am overwhelmed with customer satisfaction!

Hey, while we're at it, why don't we make that 🖐✌️ reasons...

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Real-Life Web Design Case Study: Turning a $6,000 Website Disaster Into a $1,000 Success

Import Temptations is a luxury furniture retailer in Toronto, Canada. In March 2020, as the world went into lockdown, they came to us with a dilemma.

They had just hired a top web design agency in Toronto to rebuild their website, and it was a disaster.

Sure, it looked pretty. But it was heavy, slow, disfunctional and straight-up broken. Many of the pages on the site simply would not load.

Oh, and they had just dropped a cool $6,000 on this project.

With the web design agency offering nothing more than denial, finger-pointing and confusing explanations, they turned to other web designers for help.

And that’s when they found us.

Long story short, we fixed everything for a fraction of the price. $1,000 even.

Here’s their website’s performance before and after we took over:

Before RapidWebLaunch
After RapidWebLaunch

We've Been Doing Game-Changing Peterborough Web Design for Awhile.

Always know exactly how your website in Peterborough, Ontario is performing.

As part of our Peterborough Web Design Services, we prioritize ample reporting with our monthly website maintenance.

Our clients receive concise, yet comprehensive reports detailing the health and status of their websites. We inspect everything from overall performance to minor glitches, making sure your website remains in top-notch condition.

True to the local Peterborough culture of transparency and integrity, our agency believes in maintaining open lines of communication with our SMBs. Our monthly reports are not just statuses – they are a dialogue, an opportunity for us to collaborate and enhance your digital presence.

With our meticulous monitoring and reporting, you’ll always be in the loop, ensuring your business remains a vibrant part of Peterborough’s online community. That’s the promise of our Peterborough Web Design Services.

"Hiring [RapidWebLaunch] to build my website for me changed the trajectory of my life forever. Patrick is an unbelievably good human being."
Alex Felice
Real Estate Entrepreneur
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Why pay too much for Peterborough Web Design?

We build affordable custom websites for small businesses in Peterborough, Ontario. Fast. Modify it whenever and wherever you like.
no web design contracts

NO contracts.

NO hidden fees.

satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Rapid Launch Package

A website hosting and maintenance plan that give you everything
you'll ever need for a killer online presence.
$ 49
  • High-performance website hosting
  • Regular updates (plugins, Wordpress and server)
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • Edit your website instantly from anywhere
  • Domain registration and maintenance
  • SSL certificate included
  • Premium website security and protection from attacks
  • Monitor all traffic with analytics
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • NO contracts
  • NO hidden fees
  • VIP customer support
  • Monthly activity reports sent to your email
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • BONUS: Licenses to premium plugins ($335/year value!)

Still not convinced?

At our web design agency, we’re as clear as a pint of brew down at the local Peterborough pub!

We swear on the queen, there are absolutely no contracts, hidden fees or dodgy dealings. No beating around the bush or using fancy, techy gibberish here. Everything is offered nice and simple, as straightforward as a rugby try!

Imagine we’re like your favorite fish and chip shop − what you see is what you get. We serve you honesty with a side of transparency. Wrapped up neatly, add a dash of wit, no mushy peas!

That’s it, folks! Nothing more, nothing less. Just web design, done the jolly good Peterborough way!

Frequently asked questions about Peterborough Web Design

And our most frequent answers. 😉

At Peterborough Web Design, we cook up sizzling websites. You want hot-off-the-press HTML? You got it! We throw in spicy CSS that’ll make your site look as sleek as a greyhound in a tuxedo. Our WordPress skills are like a famous jam: always on a roll. We serve up SEO so your business is easier to find than a red phone box in a blizzard! We’re Web Design wizards, so worry not about your e-commerce needs. Our slick online stores will have customers clicking the ‘buy now’ button faster than a ferret up a trouser leg. Top all that off with our not-so-secret ingredient – top notch customer service. So, if you’re after a dash of digital brilliance in the Peterborough area, we’re the chaps for you!

The cost of getting a website designed in Peterborough can vary greatly, based on the complexity of the design and functionality required. On average, a basic website may cost from £500 to £1,000. More advanced sites with complex features can go upwards of £2,000 to £5,000.
Remember, the final price depends on the individual web designer or agency’s rates, the site’s purpose, and your specific requirements. It’s a good practice to gather several quotes before making a decision.

A web designer in Peterborough should have a strong understanding of graphic design principles with a knack for creating visually appealing layouts. They should also be proficient in **coding languages** such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Good grasp of **responsive design** ensures the websites look good on multiple devices. In addition, a working knowledge of **SEO** is pivotal too. The designer should possess good **communication skills** in order to understand client requirements clearly. Being in Peterborough, they must be aware of the local culture and incorporate that sensibility into the design whenever necessary.

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