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“I always take the time to learn your story. Every case is different, and a lawyer can’t fully represent their client until he hears where that individual person is coming from. I want to help you understand the process and learn what options are available to resolve your case. When it comes time to choose the right path, you need to be able to make the right decision for you, based on your life and your circumstances. Then, I will fight for you.” – Jim Spangler, Spangler Law.
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For many people, the idea of ever requiring the assistance of a criminal defense attorney is unthinkable. They have not engaged in a life of crime but were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They need a compassionate yet tenacious law firm to help them understand the process and make the right choices to resolve their case. They need a law firm that will fight for them.

James Alton Spangler, Jr. (“Jim”) of Spangler Law has an extensive history of successfully championing those charged with criminal offenses. He always takes the time to get to know each client, who they are, where they come from, and the facts in their case. He works tirelessly to reach the goals the client has set out. In court, he is prepared and ready to fight.

The Challenge

They wanted a new website that:

Responsive on any device.

Consistent with brand and values.

Gets into Top 3 with targeted keywords.

Hands-free automated marketing.

Prioritizes UX and loads fast.

Outranks the competition in Google.

The Process

Here’s the process I followed for this project:

Initial Consultation

Review Current Site


Website Rebuild


QA & Testing

The Results

How does the client feel about it?