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Actual SEO Case Studies From Our Ecstatic Clients

We don’t just talk. We do. And we can do the same for you.


SSD Pools grows 6 digits in just 3 years

A Houston, TX pool cleaning company goes from 0 to $100,000's in annual revenue in just a couple of years.


Dakota Trauma grows revenue by over 400%

A Bismarck, ND psychotherapist starts a new practice and begins to build a steady client base after just a few months.

A screenshot of the Cleaning Company cleaning website.

The Cleaning Company grows website traffic by 1,150%

An established Toronto, ON cleaning company grows even further.

The Problem 🤦‍♂️

The healthcare industry finds itself battling several significant roadblocks that stand in the way of progress and profitability. Key issues include idle employees reducing workflow efficiency, unpredictable revenue introducing financial instability, and poor quality leads making it tough to widen the patient base.

A bored worker sits idle, as a result of their business not investing in SEO services.

You know how frustrating it is when your medical staff are standing idle, unable to reach their full potential. Every wasted moment is a missed opportunity, impacting your healthcare business’ efficiency, patient satisfaction, and bottom line.

A concerned worker looks at his phone, sad about the lack of new business coming in from his website that does not use SEO services.

Navigating the wild waters of healthcare can be tricky, especially with revenue that swings high and low like a rollercoaster! The financial uncertainty this brings can be a real headache, making it tough to plan ahead and grow your practice.

In the world of healthcare, one of the fiercest battles you’re fighting is against poor quality leads, bogging down your business’s growth. These weak leads are like viruses, hard to spot until it’s too late and damaging to your bottom line – an enemy to be reckoned with.

The Solution 🙌

Time to supercharge your healthcare business like never before! Let’s explore powerful strategies to keep your team fully engaged, ensure a steady flow of income, and attract top-tier leads consistently.

A happy worker is delighted that his business employed SEO services to keep him busy with work.

Keep Your Crew Busy

Equip your healthcare staff with steady workload by enhancing your online presence with our exceptional Doctor SEO services. Increase your patient turnover and keep your dedicated workforce busy by consistently ranking high in search results, driving up patient bookings, and improving your overall efficiency.
A happy worker is overjoyed that his business as a consistent stream of new business coming in as a result of investment in SEO for their website.

Get Predictable Revenue

Discover a steady stream of online patient enquiries and bookings through our specialized Doctor SEO services. With our Predictable Revenue Solution, we boost your online presence, driving sustained growth in your healthcare business without the hassles and uncertainties of traditional marketing methods.

A business owner signs a new customer as a result of high quality leads coming in from their investment in SEO services.

Attract Better Leads

Unlock a goldmine of high-value patient leads with our laser-focused Doctor SEO services, thoughtfully designed to catapult your healthcare practice to the top of search engine rankings. Leverage our cutting-edge techniques that not only amplify your online visibility, but attract the right kind of web traffic – the kind that converts into loyal patients and fuels growth.

How is all this possible? With SEO for Healthcare!

A Complete SEO Strategy Specifically Designed for Healthcare

Get your healthcare business at the forefront of search engines with our specialized SEO strategy. We’ve designed a comprehensive solution, streamline to deliver increased visibility, meaningful traffic, and significant growth in your customer base.

How Doctor SEO Works

Dive into the world of Doctor SEO, and unravel the secret to commanding online visibility in the medical sector.

Why Doctor SEO is Important

Unlock the power of visibility with Doctor SEO – your secret weapon in the ever-evolving digital healthcare marketplace.

Start With a Doctor SEO Audit

A Doctor SEO audit is a thorough examination of a medical professional’s online presence, ensuring their website is optimized to increase visibility and attract potential patients.

Keyword Research for Doctor SEO

Keyword research for Doctor SEO involves identifying and analyzing specific search terms that people enter into search engines, relevant to the medical field, to boost online visibility and rankings.

Local SEO for Healthcare

Local SEO for healthcare involves optimizing online presence for healthcare businesses to attract patients from specific geographical locations.

Technical SEO for Healthcare

Technical SEO for healthcare involves optimizing medical websites for search engines, improving site speed, navigation, mobile-friendliness, and crawlability to enhance online visibility and patient experience.

Doctor SEO Content Strategy

Craft engaging, informational medical content using relevant healthcare keywords, optimized metadata, and backlinks for enhanced visibility and patient engagement in search results.

Link Building for Doctor SEO

Link building for Doctor SEO involves boosting the online visibility of healthcare professionals by creating high-quality, credible links to their website to improve search engine rankings.

Tracking and Analytics for Doctor SEO

Tracking and analytics for Doctor SEO involves monitoring website traffic, patient engagement and conversions to optimize online visibility and patient acquisition for doctors.

How Doctor SEO Works

Dive into the world of Doctor SEO, and unravel the secret to commanding online visibility in the medical sector.


Persona X searches Google for a specific topic or question. Like ‘Healthcare near me.’


Google analyzes their keywords and INTENT, and serves the results it believes will best answer their query.


Persona X clicks on a link to YOUR page, which is optimized for those keywords and intent, and visits your page.


Persona X is satisfied with what they find on your page, and completes the "call to action". (such as subscribing, buying a product, or submitting a contact form)

Why SEO For Healthcare is So Important

Billboards, newspapers, radio, TV, social media, podcasts, virtual reality? Nah. Here’s why Doctor SEO is the best marketing strategy for your landscaping business.

Doctor SEO boosts your online presence, drawing higher traffic, enhancing visibility and potentially increasing patient numbers.
Doctor SEO drives more targeted traffic by optimizing your website’s visibility to potential patients actively searching for your services.
Doctor SEO delivers sustainable, long-term results with higher ROI, unlike ads that require continuous spending for visibility.
Local SEO for Healthcare targets nearby clients through geo-specific keywords, local listings, and content relevant to local health concerns.
A mobile phone showing the Google My Business profile of the best local landscaper.
SEO for Healthcare boosts online visibility and authority, reinforcing trust and credibility in your healthcare brand.
Doctor SEO propels businesses ahead of their competitors by supercharging their online visibility and increasing site traffic.
Doctor SEO provides sustainable organic traffic growth over time, while paid ads stop after payment ends.
Doctor SEO uses analytics to measure website traffic increase, lead generation, and conversion rates to provide trackable ROI.


Years of Auditing Experience

SEO Audit for Healthcare Websites

In the bustling Healthcare industry, standing out is paramount – and that’s exactly what our SEO Audits are designed to achieve.
Uncover opportunities with our comprehensive SEO Audits specifically tailored for Healthcare businesses. Our audit process digs deep to identify the flaws eroding your search engine performance and dampening your online visibility.
We prioritize your goals, optimizing your website structure and content to ensure you’re speaking to your audience – and search engines – effectively and clearly. Healthcare is complex, we ensure your message isn’t.
Through our SEO Audits, you’ll understand the barriers preventing your website from ranking higher. We develop strategic action plans to address these issues, propelling your healthcare business to the top of search results.
Boost your presence, enhance your reputation, and grow your reach with our SEO Audits. We’re not just improving your SEO, we’re elevating your Healthcare business.

Keyword Research for Doctor SEO

Unlock the power of strategic targeting with our specialized Keyword Research for Healthcare businesses. We understand the unique needs and challenges your industry faces in its digital journey.

We dive deep into the psyche of your potential patients, identifying words and phrases they use when searching for your services. Utilizing top-tier SEO tools and data-driven strategies, we uncover high-performing healthcare keywords that will skyrocket your online presence.

Get ahead of competitors and become the top choice for health-conscious searches. With our expertise, we’ll ensure you catch the attention of the right users — those needing your exact healthcare services.

Take the guesswork out of SEO. Embrace robust organic growth, higher web traffic, and increased patient inflow with our compelling healthcare keyword research.

50+ Targeted Keywords for Healthcare

Local Industry Exclusivity

Local SEO for Healthcare

Boost your healthcare business’s local rankings with our specialized Local SEO for Healthcare. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in your industry, and tailor our strategies to maximize your online visibility.
Local SEO has never been more crucial, with many patients relying on the top local search results to select healthcare providers. Our expert team focuses on enhancing your exposure on local search platforms, ensuring your practice is easily discoverable by potential clients nearby.
In today’s digital age, effective SEO is synonymous with credibility and trust. Leverage our services to bolster your healthcare business’s online reputation in your local area.
Rest easy knowing we strive to satisfy patients’ and search engines’ needs alike. That’s the Local SEO for Healthcare you deserve from us.

Technical SEO for Healthcare Websites

In the intricate world of Healthcare, our technical SEO services shine. We provide top-notch, strategized SEO solutions aptly suited to businesses in the medical sector.

High-quality, SEO-optimized healthcare content isn’t just about keywords—it’s about being the definitive resource for your patients.

We understand that your practice isn’t just another business—you’re providing an essential service to your community. This ethos is mirrored in our approach to SEO, with a focus on fostering trust, reliability, and excellence.

Our tailored tactics—like personalized keyword research, medical schema implementation, and technical site audits—ensure your site ranks higher and attracts a loyal patient base.

We speak medicine, we breathe SEO, and we’re eager to put our skills to work for your healthcare business.


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Content Strategy for Doctor SEO

We understand how crucial it is for doctors to keep their digital footprint healthy. Our Doctor SEO content strategy is custom-designed to keep you at the top of search results, making it easier for new patients to find you.
Trust is integral in healthcare. We produce high-quality, authoritative content that not only boosts your visibility but also establishes trust and credibility with your audience.
Every piece of content is meticulously researched and expertly written by our team, following the latest SEO best practices.
We also ensure your content stays fresh and relevant with regular updates and revisions, further improving your search rankings.
Navigating the online landscape can be complex, but with our SEO strategy, your digital visibility is in skilled hands.

Link Building for Healthcare Websites

Reliable SEO services for doctors can dramatically upgrade your online presence. Our methodical approach to link building assures consistent ranking advancement.

Our team unravels the complexity of SEO, demystifying it for your understanding. We build high-quality backlinks adhering to the strictest healthcare industry standards.

Our outreach strategies ensure your website links with authoritative healthcare platforms. They elevate your profile, giving your brand the publicity it deserves.

With our doctor SEO services, you’ll build deeper connections with your current patients and reach new ones. We help you rank where it matters most.


New Authority Links


of Data Points

Tracking and Analytics for Doctor SEO

Delve into our advanced analytics for your practice’s SEO. We offer an unrivalled look into your digital performance using cutting-edge tools and methodologies.

Illuminating the path to improved online visibility, our analytics empower you to take the pulse of your site’s SEO health.

We provide real-time monitoring to keep a vigilant eye on critical ranking factors. With this, you can preemptively address any issues that might hamper your search engine performance.

In the fast-paced landscape of medicine, staying ahead of the curve is not just beneficial, it’s critical. Craft the perfect prescription for your practice’s SEO with our analytical insights and continuous monitoring.

How to choose the best premium SEO agency for your business.

How exactly do you find the best SEO agency for you when everyone makes the same claim?


Have a conversation with the SEO expert. (Like, talking. No email or text.) You'll quickly get a feel of what kind of person they are.


Are they making grandiose claims and guarantees? Sounds lovely. But it's likely not true. No SEO expert can guarantee anything.


Would you hire a mechanic that drives a piece of junk? A cleaner with a dirty home? So why hire an SEO expert that doesn't rank?


Unless they're new (at which point you can likely get them at a discount), they should have case studies to prove their expertise.


Affordable SEO is relative. But, generally speaking, good SEO doesn't need to cost a fortune. Your ROI should be clear.


Can you see yourself grabbing a beer with this SEO expert? Ok maybe this one isn't super important but it would be cool!

Expert Doctor SEO services that will make you money.

We have SEO expertise for businesses of all sizes.

Simple SEO Pricing that fits your business' Unique Needs

For businesses who are ready to get serious about growing their website for the next decade. We also offer custom packages for businesses who want to absolutely destroy their competitors!
$ 995
  • Website included!
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword mapping
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content marketing plan
  • Expert writer
  • Call and form tracking
  • Integrations with Google
  • Monthly SEO audits
  • Monthly rank tracking
  • Monthly reports

Frequently asked questions about Doctor SEO

And our most frequent answers. 😉

SEO is essential for doctors and healthcare professionals as it helps to enhance online visibility, attract more patients, and communicate their expertise and credibility. It targets quality leads and converts them by ranking high for relevant keywords. Additionally, local SEO allows professionals to appear in local searches, ensuring their services reach the right people at the right time. Hence, through strategic SEO, doctors and healthcare providers can effectively increase their online presence, improve patient engagement, and ultimately optimize their service delivery. It is crucial to adapt to the digital age and invest in SEO to stay competitive.

The use of SEO can significantly benefit medical practices and doctors. It improves their online visibility, thus, attracting more potential clients via organic searches on the web. Good SEO strategies ensure that their websites appear on the first page of search results, leading to a higher chance of being noticed by health seekers. Besides, SEO also aids in creating an informative and user-friendly website. Such enhancements, along with the incorporation of relevant medical keywords, ensure an elevated online presence resulting in better patient outreach and engagement. Thus, SEO can be a highly impactful tool in making a medical practice more discoverable and credible online.

Doctors can enhance their SEO rankings by using targeted keywords representing their specialty, location, and services. Always ensure the website’s content is original, relevant, and frequently updated. A blog can help in achieving this. Inclusion of backlinks from authoritative health-related websites can significantly boost rankings. Encourage patients to leave online reviews about their experiences. Additionally, optimize the website for mobile use to cater to mobile searches. Lastly, ensure to register your practice with Google’s local business directory to increase visibility in local searches. It’s equally important to have a well-structured website with easy-to-navigate pages.

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