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37 Web Design Memes Only Web Designers Can Appreciate

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You guys, every single one of the web design memes you see below were made by yours truly.

I”m not gonna tell you how much time I spent on them…

But, with all of the 3,000 word epic blog posts and 20+ minute YouTube videos I make on here, sometimes you just gotta let loose a little.

So I’m taking a break and writing something fun.

Make sure to check out the challenge at the very end! There may just be an easy backlink in it for you. ????

(Assuming you have a website, that is. Which, if you’re a web designer, you obviously should. And if you’re not a web designer, how did you get here? lol)

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1) Popups

Y’all already know how much I loathe the dreaded popup

2) Caching

So, clearing your cache is legitimately one of the easiest ways to fix most common website problems.

That said, I have used it a handful of times to buy me some more time to figure out what the real problem is. Guilty as charged!

3) SEO “Experts”

So many people are buying useless online courses that are teaching archaic methods of SEO.

In fact, why even buy a course at all? All of the information you need is already available for free. And with an average course completion rate of just X%, most people aren’t even finishing these stupid things.

Save your cash!

4) Too Many Wordpress Developers

Really can’t handle how every other designer out there “designs beautiful WordPress sites for small businesses”.

Oh yah? So does half the world.

5) Distracted Web Design Clients

Killing your website’s user experience in favor of unnecessary style and flair… I’ve seen it too many times.

6) Poor Taste in Logo Design

What’s that, my lovely web design client? Oh, you’d like a logo straight out of 1999? Coming right up…

7) Too Cheap For Good Hosting

How is this not a more obvious choice? Don’t cheap out on your website hosting friends!

8) No-Code Movement

Still waiting for someone to change my mind on this…

9) Learning Web Design

Learning web design quickly really just comes down to consistently consuming content and practicing.

10) No More About Pages

About pages are so overrated. Get your message across with your Home page!

11) Save Draft

Save draft! Save draft! Save draft!

12) Tricky Web Design Clients

Social media should be driving traffic to your website, not the other way around. (also, no one really cares what you’re tweeting about)

13) Not Squarespace, Please…

If I hear one more Squarespace ad on YouTube, podcasts, blogs, TV, radio, billboards, under my bed…

14) Weebly Rejection

I used to love using Weebly for my web design business. But then they forced me to move elsewhere due to complete platform neglect.

I ended up choosing WordPress. No regrets!

15) Unnecessary About Pages

Did I mention I hate About pages?

16) Fear of Creating

Blogging is the key to getting your website to rank better in Google.

But because it takes a ton of work, most web designers aren’t willing to do it. Are you? Or do you have more excuses not to?

17) SEO Misconceptions

Have you ever tried to explain SEO to someone? Sometimes it feels like this.

18) Fiverr Web Designers

You get what you pay for. (shoutout to Fiverr!)

19) Squarespace Making It Look Too Easy

So… we meet again… Squarespace.

20) Too Many Wordpress Developers #2

Can web designers really not figure out a better way to sell their services?

21) Tired of Working From Home

As far as excuses go, this one is pretty intense.

22) Analytics Oopsies

Classic mistake. Make sure you setup your Google Analytics properly!

23) Speaking Truth


24) Don’t Buy a Web Design Course

Reminder: you don’t need to drop hundreds of dollars on web design courses in order to learn web design.

25) Relying Too Much on Templates

Some of these web design platforms are just getting lazy, man. Offering “dozens of templates” to choose from that are all essentially the same.

26) Get to Work

Put in the work! ????

27) Get to Work #2

Put. in. the. work.

28) The Canadian Struggle is Real

The struggle is real…

Especially during playoffs season…

29) No Contracts Needed

Never have. Never will.

30) Hard to Swallow

You could be the most talented graphics and visual designer in the world but, if you don’t understand the fundamentals of great copywriting, you’re going to struggle as a web designer.

Websites are sales machines. Sales machines require good words.

31) Get to Work #3

Why so serious? That’s the fun part!

32) Guest Post Nightmare

Once you start to build up your website’s authority and search rankings, you will be inundated by guest post requests from crappy writers who want nothing more than an easy backlink.


33) Instant Google Rankings

Web design and SEO. Two very different things. One being much harder than the other.

34) Get Better Hosting

Honestly guys. Cut out a few trips to Starbucks each month and invest in some great quality website hosting. It’ll be worth it.

35) Ol’ UX

Anyone seen Old Yeller? No? Just me? Well I thought it was clever.

Sometimes we need to sacrifice creativity for functionality. And it can be painful.

36) Artist Fail

Speaking of which, when’s the last time you took a look at those user experience metrics you should be tracking in Google Analytics?

Maybe then you’ll find out why people are leaving your website right away.

37) The Anti-Social Network

Honestly, it’s pretty great.

Got some funny web design memes of your own?

You can make a bunch over at ImgFlip. Make one, then comment below with the link so I can take a look!

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