How to Rekey SSL Certificate with GoDaddy?

To rekey an SSL certificate with GoDaddy, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and navigate to the SSL Certificates section.
2. Find the SSL certificate you want to rekey and click on the Manage button.
3. In the certificate details page, look for the Rekey Certificate option and click on it.
4. You will be prompted to generate a new private key. Choose the option to generate a new key and provide the necessary information.
5. Once the new private key is generated, GoDaddy will provide you with a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Copy the CSR or download it as a file.
6. Now, you need to submit the CSR to a Certificate Authority (CA) to obtain a new SSL certificate. You can either use GoDaddy as the CA or choose another trusted CA.
7. If you choose GoDaddy as the CA, follow the instructions provided to submit the CSR and complete the rekeying process. If you choose another CA, you will need to follow their specific instructions for rekeying.
8. After the new SSL certificate is issued, you will receive it from the CA. Go back to the SSL certificate management page in your GoDaddy account.
9. Click on the Rekey Certificate option again and this time, choose the option to provide a certificate. Paste the new SSL certificate or upload it as a file.
10. GoDaddy will validate the new certificate and update it for your domain. This process may take some time.
11. Once the rekeying process is complete, your SSL certificate will be updated with the new private key and certificate.

It’s important to note that rekeying an SSL certificate will invalidate the old certificate. Make sure to update the new certificate on your server or hosting provider to ensure uninterrupted secure connections.