How to Renew SSL Certificate with GoDaddy?

To renew an SSL certificate with GoDaddy, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
2. Go to the SSL Certificates section in your account dashboard.
3. Find the SSL certificate you want to renew and click on the “Renew” button next to it.
4. Review the details of the SSL certificate renewal, such as the domain name and expiration date.
5. Choose the renewal length you prefer, such as 1 year, 2 years, etc.
6. Proceed to the checkout page and complete the payment for the SSL certificate renewal.
7. After the payment is processed, GoDaddy will send you an email confirmation with instructions on how to install the renewed SSL certificate on your website.
8. Follow the instructions provided in the email to install the renewed SSL certificate on your website’s server.

It’s important to note that SSL certificate renewals typically need to be done before the current certificate expires to ensure uninterrupted security for your website.