How to Remove “Powered by Shopify?”

To remove the “Powered by Shopify” text from your Shopify website, you will need to access the theme code. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Login to your Shopify admin panel.
2. From the left-hand sidebar, click on “Online Store” and then select “Themes.”
3. In the “Themes” section, you will see your current theme. Click on the “Actions” button next to it and select “Edit code.”
4. In the theme editor, locate the “Sections” folder and click to expand it.
5. Look for a file named “footer.liquid” or “theme.liquid” and click on it to open it.
6. Use the search function (usually Ctrl+F or Command+F) to find the “Powered by Shopify” text within the code.
7. Once you find the text, you can either delete it entirely or modify it to something else if you prefer.
8. After making the changes, click on the “Save” button to save the modifications.
9. Preview your website to ensure that the “Powered by Shopify” text is no longer visible.
10. If everything looks good, click on the “Publish” button to make the changes live on your website.

Please note that modifying the theme code requires some technical knowledge, and any mistakes can potentially break your website. It’s always a good idea to create a backup of your theme before making any changes. If you’re not comfortable with coding, it’s recommended to reach out to a Shopify expert or developer for assistance.