How to Add Google Tag Manager to Squarespace?

To add Google Tag Manager to your Squarespace website, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your Google Tag Manager account or create a new one if you don’t have one already.

2. Once logged in, click on “Create Account” and provide a name for your container. This container will hold all your tags, triggers, and variables.

3. After creating the container, you’ll be provided with a code snippet. Copy the entire code snippet.

4. Now, log in to your Squarespace account and navigate to the backend of your website.

5. In the main menu, click on “Settings” and then select “Advanced” from the dropdown menu.

6. Under the “Website” section, click on “Code Injection.”

7. In the “Header” section, paste the Google Tag Manager code snippet you copied earlier.

8. Save the changes and exit the settings.

9. Go back to your Google Tag Manager account and click on “Submit” to publish your changes.

10. You have successfully added Google Tag Manager to your Squarespace website. Now you can start adding tags, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, by creating new tags within your Google Tag Manager account.

Remember to test your tags to ensure they are working correctly. You can use the Google Tag Manager Preview mode to debug and verify that your tags are firing as expected.