How to Embed Klaviyo Form on Shopify?

To embed a Klaviyo form on Shopify, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Klaviyo account and navigate to the “Lists & Segments” tab.
2. Create a new list or select an existing one where you want to add the form submissions.
3. Click on the “Sign Up Forms” tab and select “Create a Signup Form.”
4. Choose the type of form you want to create, such as a pop-up or embedded form.
5. Customize the form design and fields according to your preferences.
6. Once you’re satisfied with the form, click on the “Embed” tab.
7. Copy the provided HTML code for the form.

Now, let’s move on to embedding the Klaviyo form on your Shopify store:

1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
2. Go to the “Online Store” section and select “Themes.”
3. Locate the theme you’re using and click on the “Actions” button, then choose “Edit code.”
4. In the code editor, find the file where you want to add the Klaviyo form. It could be “theme.liquid” or “footer.liquid” depending on your theme.
5. Paste the Klaviyo form’s HTML code in the appropriate location within the file.
6. Save the changes and exit the code editor.

Now, the Klaviyo form should be embedded on your Shopify store. You can preview your store to ensure the form is displaying correctly. Visitors can now submit their information through the form, and their data will be captured in your Klaviyo account.