How to Add a Comment Box on Shopify Product Page?

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To add a comment box on a Shopify product page, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
2. Go to the “Online Store” section and click on “Themes.”
3. In the “Actions” dropdown, select “Edit code.”
4. In the left sidebar, navigate to “Sections” and click on “product-template.liquid” or “product.liquid” file.
5. Find the area where you want to add the comment box. It could be below the product description or in a separate section.
6. Add the following code to create the comment box:


Leave a Comment #


7. Customize the HTML and CSS code as per your design preferences.
8. Save the changes and preview your product page to see the comment box in action.

Note: This is a basic example of a comment box. If you want to implement more advanced features like user authentication, moderation, or rating systems, you may need to use third-party apps or custom development.