How to Change DNS Records in Wix?

To change DNS records in Wix, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Wix account and go to the Wix dashboard.
2. Click on “Domains” in the left-hand menu.
3. Select the domain you want to change the DNS records for.
4. Click on “Advanced” in the domain settings.
5. Scroll down to the “DNS Records” section.
6. Here, you can add, edit, or delete DNS records as needed.
7. To add a new DNS record, click on the “Add Record” button.
8. Select the type of record you want to add (e.g., A, CNAME, MX, etc.).
9. Enter the necessary information for the record, such as the host, points to, and TTL (Time to Live).
10. Click on “Save” to save the new DNS record.
11. To edit an existing DNS record, click on the pencil icon next to the record you want to edit.
12. Make the necessary changes and click on “Save” to save the updated record.
13. To delete a DNS record, click on the trash can icon next to the record you want to delete.
14. Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Note: DNS changes may take some time to propagate, so it’s normal if you don’t see the changes immediately.